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Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall - Blog

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

06 October 2020

Cosy cosy!

So the nights are getting darker quicker and the wind and rain is picking up. I can’t be the only one to feel this! When I think about Autumn and Winter and I can’t help but think of being wrapped up with a blanket and hot chocolate (or mulled wine)!

Here are 6 ways to make the Autumn and Winter months even more cosy:

1. Baking – from Homemade bread to gingerbread biscuits. It’s a great fun activity to do with the kids when it’s rainy and cold outside, not to mention the amazing treats you get to eat! Message me if you want some recipes. My past career in teaching food means I have lots of fun and quick recipes!

2. Duvet days – an absolute must! Get the comfy clothes on, Netflix or Disney plus and a duvet or blanket and you’re on your way to a good chilled day! Why not look at my day hire package for a Tipi cosy corner or a tipi sleepover party! Perfect way to have a few of your child’s friends round for a duvet day! Or, why not hire it out for yourself!

3. Knit Knit Knit – so I don’t mean to actually knit, unless you can then I’m super jealous! But anything knitted goes! Knitted jumpers and scarfs! Fluffy socks and bobbles hats!

4. Hot chocolates – oh an absolute weakness of mine. Especially when Costa bring out their Autumn and winter special editions. I’d meet regularly with my friend for a catch up at Costa – it was our weekly treat to have a chat and a Costa! But you can easily make it at home, whipped cream on top is a must! Get your favourite mug out and match this up with your duvet day. Perfect.

5. Candles – when it gets dark earlier that means the candles can be lit earlier and for longer during the evening. Check out Cornish Coastal Candles for their amazing range of candles and wax melts. My favourite is the Snow Fairy!

6. Winter walks – winter mist and crisp mornings. Although I am a lover of the sun, having a walk with loved ones and the dog whilst wrapped up in your wooly scarf, hat and gloves is just perfect. Hey, why not take that hot chocolate with you.

6 simple ways to make your Autumn and Winter months extra cosy. How will you be spending your winter?

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

15 September 2020

We’re in this together

So, the rule of six has been put in place but there are lots of questions as to who it applies to and what it means for children.

I have written a few points on what I am doing as a business to keep in like with the guidelines whilst offering the chance for children and families to still have the opportunity for a magical sleepover party in Cornwall!

1. If you are having a tipi sleepover there must be no more than 6 people in the house hold at one time. For example if you have; mum, dad and two children. You can have two additional people to sleepover – and you’ll still have an amazing time!

2. In England, the rule of six can be from a mixture of households – so the maximum number of tipis that can be hired for a sleepover would be five plus the parent- there is nothing saying you can hire six if you want to join in on the fun!

Remember our tipi sleepovers are suitable for adults too!

3. Sibling sleepover, bestie sleepovers, and family sleepovers can definitely go ahead! Get the family together for a cosy themed sleepover, put on a few film and get the popcorn out! A perfect way to celebrate a birthday or a back to school treat!

It is Challenging times, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Treat your little ones and book now.

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

14 September 2020

All about that shoot...

I was super excited when Sophie from ‘The Little Details by Sophie’ (a cornwall based eco-conscious wedding planner) asked me to take part in a styled photoshoot that she had been planning. The photos haven’t been released yet so I can’t give too much away!

Why I took part?

1. I would be able to develop a bespoke theme; I can create a kids corner in any theme you want. I can arrange and style it to fit the rest of your wedding theme.

2. I can work with other suppliers and businesses to build my contacts and networking

3. I can get a glimpse of how a styled shoot works and have a sneak peek behind the scenes.

What I learnt!

1. The team work that goes on behind the scenes is massive. Working together on ideas and styles to get it just right.

2. There is a huge range of suppliers out there that are Eco-conscious from stationary, to dresses and even hand made diamond rings (stunning)

3. Having my niece modelling during the shoot really gave me an insight to why the tipi kids corner is such a great idea. It keeps them occupied and entertained throughout!

What you need to know!

1. I am available to take bookings now from only £50 booking fee.

2. The tipi kids corner is a fantastic way to entertain the children during your fabulous Cornish wedding!

3. It is all hassle free. I will turn up on the day of the wedding, set up and collect later that evening or the following day!

4. Bonus! You can even go for the ‘Kynance Package’ and get a wedding nanny to help with supervision of the little ones.

Message me for more information and keep an eye out for the styled shoot photos!

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

10 September 2020

Who remembers 'The Sleepover Club'?

I remember I used to LOVE watching ‘The sleepover Club’ on Nickelodeon! A group of 5 girls who took turns each week to host a sleepover party each week!

I was always really lucky to have sleepovers most weekends, growing up. My mum always let me have friends around.

One of my besties once stayed at mine for a nearly a whole summer holiday and I loved it so much. It was like having another sister!

My twin, my bestie and me. We never had beautiful tipis and themed accessories – we used to put all the cushions on the floor and create a huge bed to sleep on. Staying up late and watching X-factor and crying with happiness when Leona Lewis won (yes, this long ago!).

But the thing we took from it is our friendship. Our own sleepover club. Building 15 years of friendship and being there for each other no matter what. Being their for those important milestones of engagement and soon to be marriage. Babies. Buying a home. All the things we spoke about but never really thought we would have!

Sleepover parties. Creating memories that will last a life time.

Who would you have in your sleepover club? Who have you built memories with?

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall
Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

28 August 2020

Because adults deserve a treat too!

Lockdown and coronavirus are words we’ve heard too much this summer. With summer holidays and adventures not being said enough.

It’s fair to say that it’s been tough times for everyone – but it’s definitely fair to say that parents also deserve a treat for getting through these times.

Introducing- Date Nights

This package is available to hire day or night. A perfect way to have that one on one time with your loved one, or even a double date. Or why not get the girls together for a girls night, hen party or baby shower.

This package is suitable for most locations, from the garden for a quiet intimate date or why not head to the cornish beaches to watch the sunset.

Why not upgrade to our GOLD package starting from £60 and indulge in a graze table from Grazers Cornwall. 

A perfect treat for parents, friends and family. Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall, not just for birthdays and not just for children ✨

love Kell x

21 August 2020

The rewards are huge

In my last blog post I gave some top tips on hosting your own sleepover party and briefly touched upon why some people don’t have sleepovers and why they should. Here are 6 reasons how a sleepover party can help with your child’s development.

1. Developing on social and communication skills

During a sleepover party children will have the opportunity to develop in social interaction and communication. Right from sending the invitation to the moment they leave the next day! Having the opportunity to socialise with friends outside of school builds their confidence.

2. Understanding how to build strong foundations in friendships

Sleepovers provide a great bonding experience for children, outside of a school environment but still in a safe place! They can make new friends and interact with each other through games, pampering and conversations.

3. Building on independence

Children are or can be very dependent on parents. Sleepovers will enable your young ones to build confidence in having to do things for themselves slightly more. From asking other parents for a drink or packing their own bag to go away for the night. If they are away from home they are less likely to look to you to ask or do something for them, giving them self confidence.

4. New experiences

For some, it will be your child’s first sleepover – either at home with friends around or being invited to another house for a sleepover. Either way, it will give your child the opportunity to learn new experiences. Understand how to behave at other peoples houses and how to host a group of people at their own house. Not forgetting having a lot of fun in a safe environment for them.

5. Making memories that will last a lifetime

My most favourite memories growing up at are the sleepover parties I had. Fair enough, I didn’t have amazing tipi tents and styled accessories (bed sheets pegged to the sofa is as creative as it got for me back then!). A sleepover party will definitely create ever lasting memories for your child. From the laughs, the pampering and the time spent together.

6. It gives you a break

So you might be the lucky parent whose child is going away for a sleepover. This give you some you time, or some time to spend with a loved one for date night or even to have quality time with another child of yours one on one. If you’re the other lucky parent hosting the party, you get to be part of the personal growth of many children and support them through this journey. And once you’ve hosted a party, more often than not, your child will be invited to a friends sleepover. This means it will soon be your turn to have a night off.

These brief 6 reasons give an insight on how a sleepover party can benefit your children and you! Giving them a fun new experience to develop socially and confidently.

Ten Top Tips for Hosting your Sleepover Party - From a Cornwall Events planner

08 August 2020

A little guide on how to make the experience a little less daunting!

There can be lots of initial worries when you think about hosting a sleepover party for your son or daughter! From homesickness, too much noise and lets not even mention the mess! BUT, the positives and rewards are HUGE! Children get to develop on social skills, practice independence, build stronger foundations for friendships and create memories that they will cherish forever!

Here are 10 top tips to put you, the parent, at ease:

1. Guest List – Keep it fairly small

So, initially your child will want to start by inviting their whole class – but the more children is potentially more mayhem. Keep it to around 4-6 people, even numbers is always best as it stops anyone being left out!

2. Communicate with the other Parents

Make sure you have contact numbers for all parents and that they have your number too! Keep parents informed about details such a timings, what to bring and other activities you have planned. If you’re planning on taking them out – parents would probably like to know. Make sure you have contact details to hand, even for the early hours. Prepare yourself for the possibility of a midnight exist from a child who may be homesick.

3. Make sure your child is ready

The idea of a sleepover is very exciting for a child, but if they are younger or if it is their first sleepover it can be daunting for them too. Especially if they are the ones staying away from home! If your child is staying at someones else’s house, let them know it is okay to be picked up early if they really want to! If you’re hosting the party, check in with parents to see how the other children are feeling before hand.

4. Activities, for those who love or hate them!

Have some activities planned throughout the evening, spread them out so they don’t do them all in one hour! Activities that gets everyone involved is great, sometimes computer games involves people taking turns and can cause arguments or boredom! Dazzling Treats have some amazing activity packs and pamper packs you can add to your sleepover party packages to keep them occupied. Have some books or magazines on hand, just in case anyone doesn’t want to take part.

5. Stay nearby – supervision is key but don’t invade (too much)

Supervision is key , especially if it is the first sleepover for your child and/or guests. Give them their time and space but check in occasionally to make sure everything and everyone is okay. Asking a child to ‘help out in the kitchen’ can give you a chance to check in without being ‘too embarrassing’. Research shows that having a code word, something like ‘What time is it?’ gives the child an opportunity to tell the parent that something isn’t right or they aren’t happy with something – giving the parent a chance to check in and help out. (Ref: McGillian)

6. Actually getting sleep at the sleepover

Set clear boundaries of when you want children in bed and asleep. They will be tired, and so will you. Do it in steps so it isn’t completely ‘boring’. For example, give a time that they need to be in bed for, when lights will be off (maybe a good time to put a film on), and finally when you expect them to be asleep. Make the timings earlier than you actually want so they have some leeway time.

7. Prepare for forgotten items

Keep some extra supplies on hand, there is always going to be someone who forgets a toothbrush! With a Dusk Dreams Tipi Sleepover you can be guaranteed that everything is included – from beds to throws and pillows, all in a theme chosen by you. This eliminates the need for children to bring sleeping bags or pillows and therefore making it easier for you hosting the party and the guests parents! Hey, why not add some extra ‘Bedtime kits‘ for all children as a party favour, that way all children will have their own toothbrush with them.

8. Keep food simple!

Although the idea of creating a build your own pizza parlor sounds exciting, when you’ve got 6 hungry children to please it can become a mission of a task just to feed them! Keep it simple with nibbles and grab and go food – simple pizzas, chips, sandwiches are always a good shout. Have some healthy options too! Carrot sticks and dips are always a win, or even cheese and pineapple!

9. Chat to your child before the party

Have a conversation with your child before the party. Lay down some basic boundaries. It might include things like; what rooms they can and cant go in, rough timings for bed time and sleep time, making sure everyone is involved. If your child is going to a party, remind them about manners and being polite in someone else’s home.

10. Plan for the morning

Set a time that parents need to pick their child up. ‘Anytime will do’ could result in your plans for the day not going ahead. Also, be prepared for those early risers! There is always one who is awake at the crack of dawn ready for another day of fun and insisting that the hamster needs to be out of the cage at 6am.

So, if its your first time hosting a party or you’ve done it a million times, but it has never run exactly how you planned – it is okay! Remember, the children will have the most amazing time and it will all be worth it in the end. But for now, use some of these tips to put your mind at rest. If the children are happy, (I would say quiet but lets be honest!) there will be more time for you to put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa!

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall
Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

03 August 2020

What is new for Dusk Dreams Tipi?

I have decided to team up with a few more businesses, to bring you some more exciting goodies to make your sleepover party more magical! The reasons why I have decided to do this instead of doing it all myself are for two reasons:

1. Time; I want to focus my time on styling and events, thinking of new themes and ideas to keep the sleepover parties and garden parties new and exciting for you.

2. I want to support already existing businesses in their ventures too!

Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall can now offer you personalised lollies by Emily's Lollies and personalised Slippers and eye masks from the lovely Noteworthy Gifts. These are fab was to make your sleepover experience unique and personal and make fantastic gifts for your sleepover guests! Find out more here.

Message me now to book in and be the first to get these amazing personalised gifts with your sleepover package!

love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall
Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

26 July 2020


I have teamed up with the amazing DAZZLING TREATS to offer you the perfect added extras to a Dusk Dreams Tipi Sleepover!

Sweet Treats

Dazzling Treats have a variety of different sweet pouches and treat boxes available to suit any occasion. They come in a range of themes too, why not pick a theme to match your chosen sleepover theme!

Tropical, Enchanted, Blue Lagoon, Rainbow, Wonderland, Pink Princess, OMG and Sweetheart. She also offers Gluten free and allergy friendly sweet hampers.

Activity Packs

Unicorn craft kit, wand craft kits, treasure hunt and secret agent kits! These activities will keep them entertained and enthusiastic for hours and a great memory to take home too!

Other Extras

Accessory bags and Pamper bags are the perfect girly treat to add into your sleepover party; Nail polish, eye masks, tattoos, headbands and other accessories. Look and feel glamorous in your Tipi, like a princess in her castle.

So many wonderful extras you can add to your tipi sleepover party! Message me for more information and get booked for the summer holidays.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for our GIVEAWAY coming soon!

love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall
Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

22 July 2020

Have your say! 

Last week I did some market research on my Instagram Followers for on potential customers. This way I can see what it is YOU want!

  • It is important for you that your children will have a perfect day.
  • You do not want the hassle of having to organised too much.
  • You want to make special memories.
  • You want to have something different so it keeps it fun.
  • You don’t want it to be too expensive!
  • Your children are possibly too young.

I hear you! What I can guarantee?

  • Dusk Dreams Tipi sleepover parties are unique and special in every way. With a variety of different themes and new ones launching regularly, you will be sure to see a smile on your child’s face.
  • With added packages and options, I can arrange as much or as little as you want, From arty bags to sweet treats and even breakfast hampers for the morning.
  • These Tipi sleepovers, day packages or garden parties will definitely make memories they will cherish forever.
  • With our Besties Bundles you can have an affordable party that fits your budget! We have lots of offers and special deals on our Instagram and Facebook pages – check it out!
  • If your child is too young, why not hire out our day packages that can be set up in the garden or even for a movie day indoors!

We have the solutions to make a dream a reality.

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall Garden Party

22 July 2020

Why not have your party outdoors?

Has your little one missed a birthday due to lockdown? Have you missed an important occasion like a baby shower or hen party? Or have you just simply missed your friends and family?

We ALL deserve to see our friends and family after these unusual times. What a better way to celebrate than with a Dusk Dreams Tipi Party?

'Lockdown?' I hear you say! Yes - this has caused so many restrictions for us over the past months. We haven't been able to do the simple things we enjoy like meeting up with friends and family. But as restrictions are eased we have some solutions for you:

The Perfect Pop up garden party - you can now meet outside with up to 6 people! YAY! These garden tipi Parties are the most amazing way to get friends and family together again after a long time apart. The tipis are spaced out to meet with the government guidelines but still include all the fun. 

A Sleepover or day hire, birthday or casual get together, we have it covered. A range of themes and bespoke packages, we will be sure to create something perfect for you. 

Making your dreams become reality!

Happy Wednesday,

Love Kell x 

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall Wedding
Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall Wedding

MINI VIP's - Children at your Cornish Wedding!

17 July 2020

Why a Wedding Package?

Firstly, from a personal point of view and currently planning my own wedding, I've been so apprehensive in terms of inviting children to my wedding. Why? Because I feel that the day should be a chance for all my guests to enjoy the day. For parents to have the night off and for there to be one less thing to worry about. I have always loved the idea of weddings; the planning, the styling and the dresses! But why shouldn't the little ones be able to join in on the fun?

Here are some reasons why a Dusk Dreams Tipi Kids Corner is the perfect solution, for you!

- A professional but friendly and easy going booking. Send me your enquiry and ill get back to you with all the information you need to know.

- A hassle free set up, by me. I will arrive at the venue on the day of the wedding and set up the tipis and accessories

- Even better? I'll collect it that night or the following day! Leave all the hard work to me.

- A perfect space for your little ones to enjoy the day. Full of activity booklets for colouring or games such as jenga.

- Want to make it your own? Easy. I cna tailor the themes to suit your day if needed. I have lots of extras that you can add on to make it even more magical.

- Want a bit more freedom on the day with the little ones? Why not take a look at the 'Kynance Package' and have Elsie from Cornwall Childcare take care and help with the entertainment during the day and/or night!

There are so many perfect ways why a Dusk Dreams Tipi Kids Korner is the right choice for you on your wedding day. You can have your little monkeys there to enjoy the fun without a single worry!

Love Kell x

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

13 July 2020

Mother and Daughter Sleepover in Cornwall

During Covid 19, there are so many families and friends who were unable to meet up and celebrate birthdays and other occasions. I wanted to continue giving people the opportunity to make memories that would last a lifetime! 

I decided to launch sibling sleepover and mother and daughter sleepovers for families to use the 'lock-down' period in a positive way.

When I was asked to set up a Petal Pink Dreams theme for a mother and daughter, I was so excited. A sense of normality hit me for a moment. Although I had to complete a very detailed Covid 19 policy it was 100% worth it. Here are the reasons why:

1. Even though I set up in October 2019, this was my first booking out of my own family circle.

2. It gave me the opportunity to plan and prepare and set up in a new setting/surrounding.

3. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to give a Mother and Daughter a perfect sleepover party to celebrate her birthday and create memories she will cherish forever.

4. To see the reaction of this little girls face, Priceless!

Love Kell x

Teepee Tipi Sleepover Cornwall

09 July 2020

The inspiration behind my theme choices

What themes do you offer? This is a common question asked and I LOVE answering it!

Petal Pink Dreams – This sleepover theme was the first theme for Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall. A perfect girly setting fit for every princess!

Paradise Dreams – This theme was launched over lock-down. I usually go on holiday in the Easter Holidays but I wasn’t able to. I know so many people were missing their getaways so I wanted to create something that will give children, and adults, the feeling of paradise!

Safari Explorer Dreams – A year ago I went to Tanzania on a four week expedition with 9 students. It was the most incredible and challenging experience I have been on but I loved it. This was inspired by the safari expedition.

Wedding Kids Korner – ohhh nearly! I haven’t launched this one yet! But I will give you a clue, it's pretty awesome! Watch this space for the Mini VIP Launch (<<< sneak peak picture, I couldn’t help myself!)

I am always brainstorming new theme ideas, but if you think of others that you'd like to see here at Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall - drop me a message! Love Kell x 

Teepee Tipi Sleepover Cornwall

03 July 2020

The day of the party!

The most common question that I get asked is how does it actually work on the day of the party? I have listed 3 straight forward steps to explain how it all works!

1. Booking: Once you have have decided on the date of your booking you will receive your confirmation of booking for your sleepover party. Remember that i cover all of Cornwall and West Devon!

2. PARTY DAY: I will arrive at your house at the agreed time. I will bring all the equipment to style the tipis depending on your chosen theme and size of party. The set up takes around 1-2 hours. I will then leave you to enjoy your magical sleepover tpi party experience.

3. After Party: I return again the following day to collect the hired items. no fuss, no stress - leave all the hard work to me! 

So, there you have it! A day in the life of Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall. Unique experiences made easy.

Love Kell x 

Teepee Tipi Sleepover Cornwall

02 July 2020

How do you create a new theme? The theme idea process:

Have you ever thought about how I come up with and create a new theme for the tipi sleepover parties? Here are my 5 steps on designing the perfect theme:

1. Research: My first port of call is Pinterest (you will see a running theme with my posts that involve Pinterest – I’m obsessed!)

I research new themes and initial ideas that I would want to sell to you. Mind mapping potential themes was one of the first things I did when working on my business – trying to figure out what people would want to see and have!

2. Feedback: I use my social media a lot to interact with my customers and future customers to see what they want. I use polls regularly to engage with them to understand what they prefer and could be looking for.

3. Shopping: I spend a huge amount of time gathering ideas for little details that build up the overall theme for the tipi sleepover. I shop around for new items to create the perfect look, I love doodling to help visualise the layouts. I even make new tipi covers so these can be part of the design! 

4. Style: Once I have all the items collected, I style the tipis in my house so I can get an idea of the arrangements and aesthetics for the new sleepover theme.

5. Launch: The best bit! I launch it to you! I love getting feedback on the new themes; What people love, what else I could add. I love making the new sleepover party themes for my customers so they are perfect for when customers want to book them. 

There you go! An easy guide on how I create new and exciting themes available for you to book and have a magical sleepover party!

Love Kell x 

Teepee Tipi Sleepover Cornwall

01 July 2020

Who are you? What do you do? and where are you based?

So here it is, these questions put simply:

Hello! I'm Kelli and I created 'Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall' in the hope to create something special for children (and adults).I provide magical themed sleepover parties in the comfort of your own home. I am constantly brainstorming and launching new theme ideas for the Tipi sleepovers. I am also launching a new Wedding Package in July, so watch this space! 

I cover all of Cornwall and West Devon but offer free travel to local areas. (Yes you heard right, FREE!).

I am very passionate about creativity and giving children the opportunities to take part in new and unique experiences. If you are a parent who is looking to give your child a new and exciting experience that will create memories they will cherish forever, you're in the right place!

Love Kell x 

Teepee Tipi Sleepover Cornwall

01 July 2020

Why do you do what you do?

I first came across the idea on Pinterest - oh wow! My absolute dream sleepover. Growing up, my best ever memories were having friends over to stay; my mum was pretty cool like that! Watching movies, eating snacks and laughing so much. I am also very lucky to have an identical twin sister, so even when I didn't have friends over to stay I always had her - to us, every night could have been a sleepover! My little sister, who is 9, is also another inspiration for my business - having such a big age gap between us means that she doesn't have anyone around her age to play with at home. I want create a simple, easy and creative way for all children to have those special moments with friends and loved ones.

I am currently a qualified Secondary School Teacher; teaching has allowed me to be a part of children's progress in life and education with the desire to give them ambition and aspirations for future life. I also have a BA Hons degree in Fashion, so the idea of getting together mood boards of ideas for different tipi sleepover themes and creating various different interior layouts is so exciting. Also, what better way to have an excuse to go shopping for different themed accessories!

Putting these two previous careers together has driven the desire and confidence for me to create life long magical memories for other people.

Love Kell x