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Policy information for Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall

New - Covid 19 Policy - 

All equipment has been rested for 72 hours between each hire. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, we must add the following measures to the usual T&Cs supplied with your booking confirmation. These additional items will be in place for the duration of the pandemic for the health and safety of all parties within our service:

We must be notified immediately, and service cancelled if you or anyone within your household has symptoms of the virus.

We will waiver the usual non-refundable deposit for cancellations, as long as the sudden cancellation relates to symptoms of the virus appearing within your household.

At the same time, we must also cancel booked service immediately and without notice if myself must Self-Isolate due to symptoms of the virus.

CURRENT LOCAL GUIDELINES: 17th May – 6 people or two households inside at one time. Outdoor activities up to 30 people. The dining dome is classed as indoors so no more than 6 people or two households. DIY drop offs are still available to customers if preferred. All items will be packed at least 3 days before I drop them off. Items are sanitized and cleaned after each use and before I pack them. Some cleaning products are provided too.

For set ups completed by Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall (when lockdown has lifted):

You must either try to vacate the home whilst the service takes place or stay in a room in which I do not need to enter. If I do need to enter certain rooms which have members of the household in, I will knock and then move away while you pass by at a 2 metre distance, these procedures are to remain in place until is no longer necessary to socially distance.

Where you are at home during service (as long as the social distancing set out above is possible), I will be wearing the appropriate PPE, such as a facemask. I would ask could you open windows of the home before I am due, as the Government tells us that ventilation in the workplace when working in other people's homes is important regarding managing the spread of the virus.

I have recently taken part and passed the ‘Prevent Covid 19’ and ‘Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control’ courses online to take the necessary measures to keep in-line with the safety precautions surrounding Covid 19. All items are on a hire basis only, therefore, all items are disinfected and sanitised thoroughly. Bedding is laundered on a higher temperature with Dettol laundry cleanser, hard objects are cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products and other soft furnishings are cleaned using a good quality disinfectant Dettol spray. All equipment has been rested for 72 hours between each hire. 

Our public liability insurance will understandably not cover for incidences of infection of Covid 19 or any other illness; we will provide service only on the understanding that, we cannot take any responsibility for any incidence of Covid 19. We will all act with responsibility in the current circumstances of pandemic, and ensure that everyone within the service must take all the measures as set out by the government, plus the additional ones set out by our Company, to keep one another as safe from infection as is possible to do within the provision of service. We cannot make blanket promises or accept liability for any case of infection that is a joint responsibility we will all share to avoid, but we can promise that stringent measures will be taken to make service as safe as it can possibly be. Also we must all understand that Covid 19 is an illness and is classed as force majeure, so all we can realistically do to protect one another during the pandemic is to follow these measures to the highest standards to reduce the possibility of contamination to the lowest.

Please confirm via email or through the booking form that you accept and will adhere do this policy. Thank you for your agreement to the above. We think it is quite wonderful the way in which we are all pulling together and taking the most responsible actions within the world in which we find ourselves to be living at the moment. We must always continue to take care of one another and try to keep one another safe throughout this unfortunate period of time.(Updated 31st Dec 2020)


Infection Prevention and Control


Prevent Covid 19