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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Tipi hire: If you decide to have a Dusk Dreams Tipi sleepover experience, contact us with your preferred date for the party - if I have the availability we will then ask for you to pay a £30 nonrefundable booking fee. The outstanding payment is to be paid 14 days before the party date.

On the day of the party I will turn up and set up. Please ensure you have the right space for the tents/equipment. Set up takes about 1-2 hours. I will then leave you to enjoy your magical experience and return the day after to pack everything up (please note everything is on a hire basis only).

Dreamy Dome: contact us with your preferred date, if we have availability we will as you to pay £75 non refundable booking fee. The outstanding payment is due 28 days before the party. 

On the day of the party we will turn up and set up the dome, in your outdoor space. It can take up to 2 hours, please keep this in mind when arranging times for delivery. Hire is 24 hours, I will arrange a time with you to collect the equipment. (Please note, items are on a hire basis only)

Travel - What areas are covered?

Free travel up to 5 miles of TR275. A small fee will be charged for areas outside of this.Please note, a minimum of 3 tipis to be hired if the distance is more than 40 miles of TR27.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation  needs to be before 14 days (Tipi hire) or 28 days (Dome Hire) prior to the booked date. No Refunds will be given to cancellations within the certain time frames before the date of the party. The booking fee is nonrefundable.

What are the size of the tipis? How much space is needed?

Tipi sizes are 100cm x 100cm and 80cm high. Bed sizes are 185cm long. Overall size needed is for the same size as a single bed.

Our new Large Lace Tipi needs 2m x 2m and a height/ceiling space of at least 2.3m (230cm).

What are the size of the dome? How much space is needed?

The dome diameter is 3.6m - ideally we need about 4mx4m space. The dome can be set up on soft flooring such as grass and is secured by pegs or hard surfaces such as patio, which will be secured with sand bags. 

How many people will fit in the dome?

The dome will fit up to 8-10 people. The dining dome will seat up to 6 people. 

What if I want a theme that is not offered?

Bespoke themes may be designed at an additional cost, as long as we are given a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Can we sleep in the dome?

Due to not being able to heat the dome overnight,we recommend that sleeping in the dome if for the summer months only.  The dome can create some condensation which may drip down - please be aware of this. ​

Is the dome suitable for all weathers?

The domes are wind resistant up to 40mph when fixed properly. They are fully waterproof, so perfect for keeping dry and warm in the rain. 

How long does it take to set the party up?

Tipi: About 1-2 hours depending on size of party.

Picnic Parties: from 30 mins to one hour.

Dome: up to two hours to set up the dome and style 

Do we need to supply electric for the dome?

Yes we will need access to electricity. We have a high quality outdoor extension lead and will need access to a plug through a near by window or outdoor plug.  

How much extra space is needed for the Spa Dreams Pamper Package?

Table size is 60x40cm for 1-2 guests and 120x40cm for 3-4 guests and both the small and large table for 5-6 guests. We can be very flexible with this so please contact me with your questions.

Does it have to be an evening hire?

No, tipis or pamper packages can be hired during the day - message me for more information. 

The dome hire is roughly 24 hours and because it takes 2 hours to set up we do not hire just for the day. 

What happens if something breaks?

I highly recommend full adult supervision throughout the whole party. If anything becomes broken please inform us as soon as possible. I add a security deposit onto the invoice. This is returned to you upon collection and inspection of items. This is quoted to you and is dependent on the amount of items hired and the type of event. Please see here for more information on the policy.

Is there heating in the dome?

We currently cannot heat the dome due to insurance purposes. This is something we are working on. Please Noel not use heat in the dome. This included lit candles, bbqs or fires. 

The dome can create some condensation which may drip down - please be aware of this. 

Payment Options

You will be sent an invoice via email which will include all information and payment details. Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Please note, your booking will not be secure until deposit has been paid. Your booking will not take place if the full payment has not been paid by the agreed date.

Are you insured?

I have public liability insurance

I do not take responsibility for any accidents or injuries that happen. Adult supervision is recommended throughout the party. Please read through the information and advice notes given on the day of the party. All bedding and tent covers are washed between parties and all accessories are cleaned and disinfected after use (see Covid 19 policy for more information).

CE Tested Tents - My tipis are purchased from Magical Spaces which provide CE certified Tents. All equipment is to a high quality following the correct guidlines.

If you have any more questions please contact us! 

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