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Terms and Conditions - All things Sleepover: Please ensure you have read and understood these before securing your booking


THE COMPANY’ is Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall

‘THE HIRER’ is the person hiring the equipment from the Company and whose name appears on the booking form. The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age.

‘THE PERIOD OF HIRE’ means the time commencing with the arrival of the equipment onsite, and terminating when the equipment is removed by the Company.

‘A BOOKING’ is the contract entered into by the hirer and the Company.

‘THE EQUIPMENT’ is the tipi/s furnishing/s provided by the Company for the use of the Hirer.

‘HIRE CHARGES’ is the total amount due under the invoice including delivery, assembly, installation, disassembly and collection of the equipment. 

1. Bookings

1.1 It is the responsibility of the hirer to provide all necessary information required on the booking form. This includes informing Dusk Dreams Tipi of the location of set up and parking situations. The more information given will allow Dusk Dreams Tipi to plan delivery and installation of hired equipment.

1.2 Where the hirer has withheld relevant information from Dusk Dreams Tipi which affects delivery and installation, Dusk Dreams Tipi can refuse installation of hired items.

1.3 Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been received. The quote sent will be valid for up to 24 hours before the date will be offered to other potential customers. Time after this will require an updated quote.

2. Prices and Deposits

2.1 A £30 nonrefundable booking fee is required to hold the date of the party. Deposits can be paid via bank transfer. (This will be £50 for Wedding bookings).

2.2 The remining balance is due 14 days before the party. Payments not made may result in cancellation of your party.

2.3 All prices are subject to change, prices quoted at the time of booking will be honored.

2.4 An additional, fully refundable security deposit is added to the invoice. This is to cover any loss or damages to the hired equipment. It will be returned to you no later than 2 days after the collection and inspection of items. Security deposit amount is dependent on the number of items hired and will be given on your quote/invoice.

3. Cancellations

3.1 We require 14 days prior to the booked date for cancellations. No refunds will be made to any cancellations made less than 14 days before the party.

3.2 The £30 booking fee taken at the time if booking, is non-refundable.

3.3 Rescheduling of dates cannot be done less than 14 days before the party. If you want to reschedule after this time but cannot have the new date you want, you will forfeit your deposit. If you have paid in full and want to reschedule, it will

depend on the amount of time left before your party, availability and if the old date can be rebooked. 

4. Hirer

4.1 It is the responsibility of the person hiring the equipment to ensure reasonable steps are taken to avoid injury or prevent damage.

4.2 It is the hirers responsibility to ensure all equipment is in the original condition when collected. Any damage or loss of items will be charge. The hirer is encouraged to check over the equipment before we collect and inform us of any damages prior to dismantling hired items. If any issues arise during the hire, please do not hesitate to contact me.

5. Conduct

5.1 It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure a duty of care and supervision is provided at all times during the hire.

5.2 We recommend our services for children aged 5 and over. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any children below the age of 5 are supervised at all times when using the equipment. Children under 5 must not be left to sleep in the equipment unsupervised.

5.3 Smoking is strictly prohibited for fire hazards and to prevent hired items smelling of smoke.

5.4 Please keep all tipis away from fire, naked flames and other sources of heat.

5.5 Hired Items should be used for the intended purposes. Climbing or hanging from the Tipi tents is dangerous and MUST NOT be allowed. Do not jump or lean on the tents as they may break.

5.6 DO NOT attempt to take apart or move the tents at all during the hire.

5.7 Please remove shoes and any sharp objects before using the equipment.

5.8 Please refrain from allowing any pets on or near the equipment.

5.9 Please do not jump on the airbeds.

5.10 To avoid staining and damaged to the equipment we kindly ask that the following is adhered to:

- Make up or nail varnish must be dry and not recently applied before using the equipment. Preferably, make up should be taken off before sleeping.

- No food or drink to be consumed on or near the equipment.

- No fabric pens, paints or craft equipment to be used on or near the equipment.

- No glow sticks to be used near the equipment

- Please do not use slime products in or near the equipment

All of the above can be very hard to get out and will result in part or all of the security deposit being taken.We advise that any Pamper Spa Packages to be set up away from the Tipi Tents for sleepovers. This gives more space for moving around near the tents and also avoids possible damages to equipment).

5.11 We advise turning off the fairy lights before sleeping for safety reasons.

5.12 It is recommended that eye masks are not worn while sleeping.

5.13 We advise that phones or electrical items are not left on charge near the tents during the hire or overnight.

6. Equipment

6.1 Equipment remains the property of Dusk Dreams Tipi unless stated on booking. All the equipment is on a hire basis only and are not to keep permanently (this includes, soft toys, drinks bottles etc.) unless stated otherwise.

6.2 If any damages (including stains) occur, this will result in holding the security deposit. Should this not cover the cost of cleaning or replacing items, these will be invoiced to the hirer.

6.3 All sizes quoted for installation are approximate.

6.4 Please note, due to Covid 19, only bed throws will be provided due to sanitation purposes. (see Below for further information on Cleaning)

6.5 In regards to the Pamper Spa packages we request that the spa table is set up away from the Tipi sleepover set up to avoid lack of space/room and also to avoid damage to equipment.

6.6 Pamper Spa Packages and products include sealed, shop manufactured items, it is the hirers responsibility to check the ingredients to ensure that there isn’t anything in them that would cause an allergic reaction. If an allergy occurs from a product, you need to speak with the original manufacturer of the product. Items are purchased from Dazzling Treats and Pamper Parties or Body Shop products.( Recommended for 11+ years)

6.7 In regards to our Date Night/Picnic Packages: Please do not leave items unattended in local public areas at any time – set up and collection times will be confirmed prior to the setup. Please wait until I have arrived to collect hired items before leaving. (If it decides to rain during your hire, please put items in the box provided and contact me as soon as possible – refunds or rescheduling will take place should this happen.)

6.8 For any added extras that are edible such as; sweets, lollies and graze boxes, these are all purchased through other businesses – please ask me or visit their website for information regarding ingredients before purchasing.

6.9 I have Public Liability insurance and all Tipis are CE Registered and tested but I am not responsible for any injury caused by our equipment and strongly advise adult supervision for the duration of the party.

7. Delivery and installation

7.1 All equipment is delivered, installed and styled by Dusk Dreams Tipi. A handover for will be given on the day of set up for you to read and sign. This will ensure you are happy with the set up, understand the main conduct of use and understand the risk assessment completed upon installation.

7.2 The first 5 miles are free from Hayle, Cornwall. A cost for transport will be given on your quote.

7.3 All equipment is checked before installation.

7.4 In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances that prevent delivery of hired equipment at the agreed time, 7.5 Dusk Dreams Tipi will contact the hirer. No compensation will be paid unless a delayed start to the event occurs. Dusk Dreams Tipi will offer an extension on the hired items.

7.5 Set up of parties will be at 4pm and collection the next day will be 11am (unless stated otherwise). 

7.6 It is the responsibility of the hirer to check they have the required space for the hired equipment. Please ensure you have the correct spacing for the tipis you have hired, and the area is clear of debris and furniture, I am unable to help with furniture being moved on the day of set up. An additional charge will be made from the Security deposit should we have to wait for the area to be cleared on arrival. (Tipis are 100x100cm and 80cm high and mattresses are 185cm long - this is an approximate size)

7.7 Please ensure there is clear access to the place of installation and set-up. Please advise me if there is not adequate parking outside of the delivery area and if access is shared please ensure relevant neighbors are aware.

7.8 The equipment must be installed in the hirers house, as the tipis are not suitable for outside use overnight. Please ensure you have informed us of where the equipment will be installed (ground floor, first floor) to ensure planning prior to installation can be made.

7.9 The hirer must ensure the room is clean and safe ready for installation of hired items.

7.10 Dusk Dreams tipi reserves the right to refuse installation should the location be unsuitable. The full hire fee and security deposit will be kept.

7.11 Once equipment has been installed please do not tamper or move the equipment, at all!

7.12 It will take 1-2 hours for the party to be set up.

7.13 Dusk Dreams Tipi will return the following day at an agreed time to dismantle and remove the hired equipment. Items will be inspected prior to taking down.

8. DIY Set Ups

8.1 Equipment will be dropped off, contact free, to your home address.

8.2 Please read the instructions before setting up

8.3 Follow all of the instructions, step by step, if you are unsure please ring me before moving onto the next step

8.4 Ensure you have read and understood the Handover form and Risk assessment before accepting the equipment

8.5 The hirer is responsible for ensuring the equipment is set up properly following the instructions and risk assessment.

8.6 The hirer is responsible for ensuring all of the equipment is put back into the bags and boxes ready for collection.

8.7 Do not leave outside in the rain.

8.8 Please leave equipment outside for collection, once I have arrived.  

9. Cleaning

9.1 Cleaning of equipment between hires is done to a high standard. I have recently taken part and passed the ‘Prevent Covid 19’ and ‘Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control’ courses online to take the necessary measures to keep in-line with the safety precautions surrounding Covid 19. All items are on a hire basis only, therefore, all items are disinfected and sanitised thoroughly. Bedding is laundered on a higher temperature with Dettol laundry cleanser, hard objects are cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products and other soft furnishings are cleaned using a good quality disinfectant Dettol spray. All equipment has been rested for 72 hours between each hire. For more information, please see my separate Covid Policy (or request to see my Method Statement).

(Updated 4th January 2021)

Tipi Teepee Sleepover Cornwall

CE Tested Tipi

Security Deposit

An additional, fully refundable security deposit is added to the invoice. This is to cover any loss or damages to the hired equipment. It will be returned to you no later than 2 days after the collection and inspection of items. Security deposit amount is dependent on the number of items hired and will be given on your quote/invoice. 

DIY Set ups: security deposit funds still applies. The hirer is responsible for ensuring the equipment is set up correctly and is maintained in good condition. 

GDPR Policy

Contact details are for me (Kelli) to access only. I will not supply these details to anyone else. Likewise, personal contact details for me are not handed out to clients. The number I use for my business is also my personal phone, however all emails and contact details are made via my business email address and is password protected.

When services are cancelled by either party or a booking is completed, your details will be deleted off my databases with immediate effect of notification, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall do not use your data for any marketing purposes and will never sell your data to third parties. Only the members of DDTC will be supplied with the required data needed at any time to perform the work in hand correctly.